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Introducing FliP !T, the world's first reversible handled safety razor! With two “top” end caps at either end of it's hand-crafted handle, our innovative and exclusive FliP !T razor is designed to attach the razor head to the side of the handle you find most comfortable to hold on to. Every FliP !T razor has two very different handle feels at either end allowing you to find your comfort zone, or simply change things up from shave to shave (or during a shave!) Grab the handle's thin smooth end or its thick ridged end, the choice is yours! There's no wrong way to use it! We can do all this because we manufacture our own chrome plated press fit handle end caps right here in Canada, so we thought we'd have a little fun with this.  Hope you will too!

Choose between TWO premium quality MUHLE razor head options - R89 Closed Comb (Mild) or R41 Open Comb (Aggressive). 

Limited Production - New FLiP !T razors will be released periodically.  Watch for our social media announcements leading up to those release dates.

CLICK HERE to check out our virtual catalogue on YouTube, offering 360 degree video views of our entire safety razor collection.

Our "Shave It" safety razors are truly functional collectibles.  Grab one today because once a particular razor style is gone, its gone!

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