6" Razor (5.75" Handle) - 3 Piece Construction - Special Editions

We can honestly say there is nothing like our innovative and exclusive "large and in charge" MONSTER safety razors.  With an overall length of SIX towering inches, there's no doubt these beautiful beasts will be the kings of your shave den.  MONSTER razors have so much hand-crafted handle to hold on to that in addition to an amazingly comfortable single, double or even triple pass face shave in all directions, these beauties are also perfect for women who shave their legs and would like a little extra handle to hold on to (and who says size doesn't matter?)  Our Shave It MONSTER will definitely be the ultimate showpiece of your razor collection which only leaves one important question... Can you tame this beast?

Choose between TWO premium quality MUHLE razor head options - R89 Closed Comb (Mild) or R41 Open Comb (Aggressive).

Special Editions - New MONSTER razors will be released periodically.  Watch for our social media announcements leading up to those release dates.

CLICK HERE to check out our virtual catalogue on YouTube, offering 360 degree video views of our entire safety razor collection.

Our "Shave It" safety razors are truly functional collectibles.  Grab one today because once a particular razor style is gone, its gone!

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