It was a cold Canadian winter morning in February. An excited and exhausted Philip had become a father for the first time and as he held his newborn baby son, Ben, in his arms and looked into his peaceful sleeping face, he knew right then and there that this was the son he would be going into the shaving business with... someday.


Over the years, Philip anxiously wondered when he'd be able to teach his baby-faced and late blooming son the art of the wet shave.  Finally, as the peach fuzz started forming on the chin of Ben's maturing face during his impressionable teenage years, Philip knew it was only a matter of time before his bright-eyed boy would know the refreshing feeling of his first shave and taking his first true steps towards manhood.


Ben can still remember his father's eager encouragement as he was shown how to prepare and lather his face for the first time.  The shiny new safety razor in Ben's trembling hand, glistening in the bathroom light with the smell of lavender scented shaving soap in the air. Then came Philip's first words of shaving wisdom...  “Razor blades are very sharp!  Always shave slowly and very carefully, or you're going to end up in the emergency room wrapped in blood-soaked bandages”.  And with that thought embedded in his brain, Ben threw his safety razor in the trash and demanded to use an electric razor instead!


Flash forward to today and the dream is a reality!  This father and son duo have joined forces to create Shave It Shave Co. (Est. 2020)  A proudly Canadian company that produces stunning hand-crafted one-of-a-kind safety razors, the FŌM and BLU all natural shaving soap lines, and a variety of other quality shaving products. Dad Philip, a Chemical Engineer by trade is retired from the daily grind and took up many forms of art as a hobby soon after. He quickly realized his incredibly artistic side included a penchant for woodworking. Son Ben, an entrepreneur in the entertainment field and avid wet shaver, also inherited Dad's creative gene in the forms of photography, creative writing and learning how to deftly turn a razor handle through his mentor (and has gotten over his fear of razor blades).  From day one, the Shave It Shave Co. mission was to produce eye-catching safety razors that were very comfortable, a little different and a lot of fun.


“We wanted to help turn a mundane, necessary chore like shaving into something to look forward to”.


Packed with lots of innovation, creativity, colour and flair, a Shave It safety razor is a beautifully functional work of art that gives an exceptional shave and is sure to brighten up any avid wet shaving enthusiast's shave den. Every razor handle is turned and finished by hand and we're very proud to say that our entire handle assembly is completely Canadian made and undoubtedly one-of-a-kind.  It was very important for us to support our local economy so rest assure, we do not use generic razor making "kits" produced overseas commonly used to for this purpose.  We manufacture all parts used in assembling our razor handles locally, something we know makes our Shave It safety razors stand out from others in both exceptional quality and having a recognizable look all to their own.  We really appreciate those who support artisan companies like ours and who can equally appreciate the work that goes into producing a safety razor we're sure you'll be very proud to own and use (or gift to someone). 


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Ben & Philip

Shave It Shave Co.