Q:  Hey, where are you guys from?

A:  We're a proudly Canadian company... eh. 


Q:  I live in Canada and noticed there were no taxes added to my order!  Why is that?

A:  We decided to do things a little differently and integrate the Canadian Provincial taxes into our prices... so with us, the price you see is the price you pay!  Easy math!  To our US and international customers, you don't have to worry about any of this but international customers may want to check what, if any, duties might be added upon your package arriving in your country (For US orders, its unlikely there will be any duties on our shipments). 


Q:  Why a Safety Razor?  What's the big deal?

A:  Safety Razors have made such a comeback over the last decade for a number of reasons ranging from being more cost efficient, to being better for the environment.  Are you tired of spending truck loads of money on cartridge razor blades that don't last and aren't recyclable?  Reverting back to shaving the way your Grandfather (and even his Grandfather) did is something of a revelation these days.  Where the big cartridge razor companies sell you a cheap razor handle and then nail you with expensive razor blade refills, shaving with a safety razor is the polar opposite.  With our style of shaving, you pay a little more for a razor that is a work of art, and will last a lifetime... and then purchase double edge razor blades that cost a tiny fraction of what cartridge blades cost.  In more cases than not, double edge blades last longer than these 5 blade monstrosities and although the shaving style is a little different, once you learn how to do it, you'll never look back.  Add the fact that double edge razor blades are fully recyclable where cartridge razor blades are not... what are you waiting for?  Safety Razor shaving is not a chore, its an experience you'll come to really enjoy and even look forward to.  We're here to help you on that journey.    


Q:  So why your razors?  What's so special about them?

A:  Why?  Just look at them!  The reason for hand-crafting our Shave It Shave Co. safety razors is to enhance your shaving experience with a razor that's not only highly effective on the face and comfortable in the hand, but stunning to the eye as well.  Safety razors have been around for over a century and although we admire those companies that come out with new and innovative designs, that's not our thing.  We wanted to offer that tried, tested and trusted classic design that everyone knows and loves, but with a more modern look and lots of (in our own words) handle appeal.  We didn't set out to reinvent the wheel, we wanted to take that trusted old wheel and buff up it's rim.  Also, every Shave It Shave Co. razor handle is completely Canadian made (as of 10.01.20).  Along with our stunning handles being turned in Canada, our chrome plated press fit handle end caps are also manufactured by us right here in Canada.  Our premium Muhle R89 and R41 razor heads are manufactured in Germany by Muhle and shipped to us directly from them as well.  There are a few exceptions on some razors made before 10.01.20 and you are welcome to contact us to find out more if you like.  Our hand-crafted safety razors are true one-of-a-kind works of art that you'll enjoy using (and looking at) for years to come.  That's what's so special about them.


Q:  What material are your razor handles shaped from?

A:  We create our razor handles from either high quality Kirinite or Alumilite acrylic resin, or stabilized wood blanks and no two handles will ever be exactly alike.  These are very sturdy and durable materials that can survive being dropped on the floor or into a sink while still maintaining their stunning beauty (but don't run them over with your car).  Also, although our handles give an outwardly smooth and slippery appearance, they're really not (well, they are smooth but don't get slippery when wet).  We meticulously polish our razor handles to finish them in a way that creates a comfortable non-slip surface.  Amazingly enough, even though the handle gets consistently wet throughout a shave, it should still maintain its non-slip grip the entire time!  You might say our razor handles defy the laws of physics (and we'd be ok with that).


Q:  What can you tell me about the end caps on your razor handles?

A:  The top and bottom end caps that bookend our hand-crafted acrylic resin and stabilized wood safety razor handles are first and foremost, designed by us and manufactured right here in Canada.  They are machine cut from brass with precision and then beautifully chrome plated because chrome is an incredibly resilient metal and like most, we like shiny things! 


Q:  I'm just starting out in the safety razor game, are your razors suitable for me?

A:  We're more than sure you'll find comfort in using any razor handle style in any of our exclusive collections.  The issue stems from the type of razor head you choose to go along with it.  We suggest that beginners choose the Muhle R89 Closed Comb razor head as it gives a very smooth and comfortable mild shave that is ideal for someone just starting out in the wet shaving game.  Open Comb razor heads like the Muhle R41 give a much more aggressive shave geared more towards experienced wet shavers and/or those with more thick and coarse growth.  As with any DE safety razor, being as careful as possible is rule #1 and with that in mind, any of our safety razor heads will keep you paying attention while giving you an optimum and comfortable shaving experience.  If you're just starting out in the safety razor game, expect to nick yourself here and there but there is a difference between nicking yourself and slicing half your face off with a razor that is too aggressive.  We do not recommend any razors in our SD (Speed Dial) collection for beginners.  They are designed to give a little more of an aggressive shave and we suggest only seasoned wet shavers that prefer a little more blade exposure on a closed comb razor head to hook up with those razors.  We wanted to offer something for everyone and we're well on our way to doing that!


Q:  Why is it important to use proper shaving products during and after a wet shave (any shave really)?

A:  A razor is only as effective as the products you use with it.  Razor blades are sharp pieces of metal, and you are scraping that sharp piece of metal up and down against your skin.  We've worked with some of the top local soap makers to create a couple of our own excellent all natural vegan shave soap lines and have brought in select products from a few of our personal favorite shave companies and soap artisans to help you out in the quest for proper shaving before and aftercare.  These fantastic products offer the perfect slickness, hydration and protection against that sharp blade you've put in our razor.  Shaving products have come a long way in the last decade and we highly suggest not cheapening out when it comes to your handsome face.  A quality shave soap can make all the difference between a decent shave and the best, most irritation-free shave of your life!  Finish with a great smelling, protective aftershave splash or balm to help heal and/or hydrate your post-shave sensitive skin and before you know it, you'll be impatiently waiting for your stubble to grow back so you can do it all over again!


Q:  What's the difference between a 3-Piece razor and a 2-Piece Speed Dial razor?

A:  The obvious answer would be "one extra piece" (or one less piece, depending on your angle), but its more than that.  A 3-piece razor is the standard type of razor that most are used to using.  It consists of a curved top plate, comb bottom plate and a handle.  These are the razors where the two top plates unscrew from the handle. The blade then gets sandwiched between the two plates before screwing the handle back on.  Perfect example, the popular Edwin Jagger DE89 is a 3-piece razor.  A Speed Dial razor is basically a 2-piece razor designed so that the user doesn't need to touch the head of the razor when replacing the blade.  There is a turn knob at the bottom of the razor handle that releases and connects the curved razor top plate from the inside of the razor's handle.  Simply slide the blade onto the posts under the curved top plate, insert the center post into a hole at the top of the handle and turn the bottom knob until the top plate is screwed down securely.  The bottom comb plate is permanently affixed to the top of the handle, thus making it a 2-piece razor where only the curved top plate comes off.  The center post under a Speed Dial razor top plate is much longer than a 3-piece razor's center post in order for it to reach the screw in mechanism inside the razor's handle.  Anyone familiar with the Merkur 34C knows how a Speed Dial razor works, it uses this exact design.


Q:  I notice other companies offer LOTS of free razor blades with a razor purchase, do you?

A:  In a word, no.  Shavers have intense love/hate relationships with razor blades.  With so many razor blade manufacturers out there and us not being able to read the minds of every single one of our customers, we opted to not give away 100 blades of something you might hate.  We want you to have the freedom to procure the best shave possible when using our razors... and that means putting your favorite DE blade in it and going to town.  However, more recently we have begun giving away free 5-packs of Teflon coated Voskhod razor blades with every razor purchase.  Its a very popular razor blade that many shavers like using, so we decided to throw in a small sample of a few starter razor blades you might enjoy.


Q:  I see your logo is beautifully laser engraved across the razor head.  Do you offer custom engraving as well?

A:  We thought about it, but there are additional set up costs involved in the engraving process that make it a daunting task.  Right now, we've opted not to offer custom engraving but give us a bit, we might change our minds.


Q:  How about custom razor handles, can I request a certain colour combo?

A:  We're totally open to you throwing colour combos at us.  If you don't see a razor in our collection that you like (is that even possible?), feel free to throw us a note on our contact page and let us know what colours drive you wild (ie: favorite sports team colours or colours to match the bathroom you do most of your shaving in, etc) and we'll see what we can do.  Also, if you see a razor in our collection that you missed out on because its sold out, don't panic.  Again, throw us a note and let us know which one got away...  there's a good chance we can create a similar razor for you as well.  We'll change the shape of it to give your razor handle its own unique style, but the colours and patterns will be close.  If we can create something we think you'd like, we'll do our best to make your dream come true! 


Q:  Can your razors be used to shave other parts of my body?

A:  If you want to give it a try, you're a braver person than any of us here.  We think its best for guys to stick to shaving their faces, heads and possibly include a pair of legs for some of the more adventurous men and of course women out there.  But if you're planning a little man-scaping or woman-scaping, just have a box or two of band-aids near by (very near by).